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Our Solution

SlidePiper is a do-it-yourself enterprise SaaS platform that enables building customer onboarding web-portals

Interactive Workflow

We make the onboarding process easier to understand and follow through by the customer and by the company representative.

Through our technology the process can be broken down into bite-sized steps, each with the exact instructions and tools needed for completion. This is achieved very quickly by importing existing enterprise content and digital tools through an easy wizard based configuration dashboard.

Our platform is a very powerful portal producing engine. Using our import and configuration wizard our customer can make their own portal within minutes.

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Analytics Dashboard

When your customers engage with your portals, your data will be aggregated into your own personal analytics dashboard.

The dashboard includes real time alerts, big data analytics, customer scoring, confidential portal control, location & device tracking, performance benchmark, and many more analytical views.

Through this deep data analytics and comprehensive dashboard, the workflow can be optimized for efficiency and better service.

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