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Looking for the best and at the same time the simplest and most reliable solution for onboarding clients can be a challenge. Today more than ever a fast, remote and automatic process is required. However, taking into consideration that to be compliant with the ever growing regulations, there are many documents and data that must be collected. Document management, document verification and data integrity are the key essentials to be compliant.
The current KYC and AML legislations impose compulsory operational compliance processes, which must be satisfied so as not to jeopardize the company’s reputation and therefore the ability to operate safely and compliantly. Money laundering is well defined in several Acts and Regulations depending on the country of operation. Moreover, money laundering and its related definitions are explained in the Guidelines and similar documents issued by relevant intergovernmental bodies, associations, etc. Banks and financial institutions have responsibilities to ensure that they are in compliance with KYC & AML legislations.
Meeting those requirements in a simple and fast manner, providing the financial institution with digital forms that are easy to use for its customers is a challenge that has to be met in order to keep up with the competition in the digital world. More and more banks and financial institutions are going digital. This requires all financial institutions to upgrade and modify their processes for retail clients, for corporate and business clients, all in order to provide with faster services in the simplest manner. The modifications of processes must be in compliance with the KYC and AML regulations. Gathering all the required documentation and data and providing audit trail is a must.

Automation simplicity is king! This is where we can support you and what we have been working on for the last 4 years.
The SlidePiper platform provides you with a solution that does all the manual work for you. No time-consuming manual work is needed anymore. As clients` expectations climb exponentially, all financial institutions are challenged with keeping up. They expect to be able to onboard for financial services online and perform a variety of actions digitally.
These tasks are needed on a daily basis and the growth of business depends on completing them effectively. This can raise the cost for enlargement of the client base, and SlidePiper provides the solution that will provide digital onboarding. Best onboarding experiences that save time and abbreviate the costs for financial onboarding are based on KYC automation and providing digital KYC.
The digital age has already come and the complex of procedures that require lots of manual work and checks slow down the whole process. Banks and financial institutions must move forward and adjust the process of onboarding and document management to a whole new level. SlidePiper provides a digital process for onboarding, KYC and the compliance around this to banks and financial institutions that aspire to provide its users a simple and time effective financial onboarding in order to provide the best onboarding experiences to the final clients. The documents are easily organized and ready for the next step, the data is easily collected and ready for verification, automatic validation and rules can be easily added and modified for new requirements.

More importantly is also the speed to initial deployment and change management.

With the SlidePiper platform an initial deployment can be done in a matter of hours and changes can be done in minutes and deployed instantly to production, with no developers or special technical skills needed: if you know your process you can make it digital with SlidePiper.
Document verification can be done in various ways, manually and with the AI (Artificial Intelligence) – features of the system that can help identify issues that need to be reviewed extra carefully. Also, you can choose the hybrid way and have human intervention when a flag is raised. One single action is required to change configuration of the service. This saves money and requires less manual work. The key of digital KYC is the automation of work, providing the best results with more accuracy. The documents are well organized and always ready for review.
Documents are not the only thing you need. In order to provide best onboarding experiences, SlidePiper enables integrated drag and drop digital form builder. The digital form builder allows you to create your own tailor-made forms, ensuring that you are in compliance with the regulatory requirements. This feature, along with the clients To-do list and task tracker ensures that digital KYC is performed, and regulatory requests are fulfilled. In between, the whole process, SlidePiper provides reminders and emails to clients, making sure that digital onboarding finishes fast and with ease. At the end, clients are served with full attention, provided with an experience that is not time consuming, accessed from any device. Ease of use of from different devices is a feature that this solution offers.
On the side of the employees, SlidePiper provides with a digital KYC system that is simple for use and does not consume time. SlidePiper ensures the digital To-do list, task tracker and automation in the process of cleaning the To-do lists when the tasks are finished. Financial onboarding has to provide also the best onboarding experience for the employees, making them more productive and ensuring that their work has the appropriate audit trail ensuring compliance with regulations.
SlidePipers solution is created on the bases of the needs for banks and other financial institutions. This solution compromises all the necessary essentials for successful client onboarding thus reducing the time used by the employees for completing all the tasks needed for entering into a business relationship with a client, allowing you to focus on the needs of the client. KYC automation that this solution provides, will ensure your company with safe and less time-consuming increase of the client base, in a period of always changing and more demanding regulations. The key of satisfied clients is providing them with the best onboarding experience, simple and user-friendly platform that SlidePiper offers.

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