Customer Onboarding – from cost center to customer value center

Onboarding is looked at as a cost center. It’s a process that a company, for many reasons, “must” do and the customer “has” to go through to get the desired service. As I wrote in my previous article there can be much value in having an agile “onboarding process”

While the customer has now been onboarded, and can now receive the service they requested this is a chance to also build the relationship with this customer.

The onboarding process can be used to offer extra services in the present offering or in a future interaction. For example, Let’s say you have to go to a portal to do certain steps in your onboarding every week, chances are you will make this a favorite tab on your browser.

Now if at the end of the process your portal turns into your customer portal where you can see customer summaries and interesting information on the service you requested this can be leveraged to create better communication with your customer. This changes the onboarding into a continuous point of contact and communication. When the customer get into the habit of receiving quality service at their fingertips when ever they need something this creates a feeling of trust and naturally they will be more open to soliciting more services from your company.

Here are some ideas for 2nd stage portals,


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How can businesses get more value and improve customer onboarding?

Albert Einstein once said that “things should be as simple as possible, but not simpler”. When you are running a business one of your key concerns is how to get your client through the onboarding process as quickly and as easily as possible. Improving customer onboarding is critical to growth, early customer retention and customer activation. Onboarding processes can mean initial opening of an account, taking out a loan, modifying a payment request, annual checkups, and many other similar interactive processes. What is shared and common between all of these is that there is a specific service that the customer is seeking that can only be provided after the onboarding process has completed. Making this as short and easy as possible will not only increase customer satisfaction but also help generate more revenues faster.
Let’s break this down into key points and takeaways to demonstrate the opportunities for real value.

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