What I found out from a screw up in the agenda

I recently traveled to a Techstars Founders event in Cincinnati. A few days before the actual flight I received confirmation (or maybe I should say disconfirmation) that I would have 3 meetings and as if that was not enough something had gone wrong with registration and I would have no meetings scheduled with investors, what a disaster! I came very close to cancelling my trip and cutting my loses, but then my serendipitous philosophy took over and I decided to take “Richard Branson’s” advice and “fuck it just do it”.

I thought to my self that I am a great mingler and I will be able to make the best out of it. There is an old Israeli saying basically make from the “mar” (which means sour in Hebrew) into Marmalade. So that was clarified my mission: turn a apparently weak 1 week trip into a fruitful adventure, this is what happened:

  1.       The 3 meetings became actually 5 by the time I was there
  2.       End result, I actually made contact and sat down with over 30 corporate executives and representatives
  3.       Initialized 3 open conversations on collaboration opportunities that will hopefully lead to new business
  4.       Grew my network by at least 100 people overall
  5.       Had an amazing time doing all of the above 😊

Its never about the cards you are handed it’s about how you play the hand you are handed out. I am a strong believer in “those who dare win” and I am not scared to take the leap into an unclear outcome and trust that my effort will in the end prevail…..


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